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Lusaka Airport Transfers (complete ONLY if airport transfers required)

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Lusaka Airport Transfers ( If Sharing a room and 2nd Guest flight details are different, please complete below ONLY if airport transfers required)

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  1. Full payment is required to confirm your booking. 
  2. All bookings and rates are subject to availability.  Bookings will only be confirmed in full once full invoice amount reflects in our bank account
  3. Bookings cancelled after 21 April 2016 will be non-refundable.  Alternatively, hotel cancellation policies will apply and refunds will be made less USD36 Admin fee and bank fees.
  4. The guest is responsible for all extras not included in their booking, and must pay the hotel directly. 
  5. If paying by SWIFT transfer, please indicate your invoice No. and full name on the deposit slip.  Please scan a copy of deposit slip to us so that we may track the payment from our side.
  6. Bank Charges are for account of payer. Please ensure this is indicated to your bank on instruction of payment. 
  7. A payment processing fee will be levied.  This will be waivered for bank transfers, cheque and cash deposits.  A secure link will be sent to process payment.
  8. All Destination Zambia + 3rd party supplier Terms + Conditions and Cancellation policies apply.
  9. Destination Zambia acts as a booking agent and cannot be held responsible for any changes made by 3rd party suppliers.
  10. Exchange rate variations apply, and price may be amended up to time of final payment.

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