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“Norman Carr pioneered walking safaris back in the 1950’s and the Luangwa Valley today is still one of the best places to explore on foot. As Norman always maintained, to view the bush from a vehicle is simply to be an observer, but to get out on foot was to become a part of your surroundings. To stand in silence and see the flick of a lion’s tail as he disappears into the bush acutely aware of your presence as another apex predator is infinitely more exciting than sitting in a jeep somehow apart from the real wilderness.
The Luangwa Valley is the home of the walking safari and in recent years many private reserves and National Parks across Africa have tried to recreate the experience but nowhere yet comes close to the Luangwa. The level of training required before qualifying as a walking guide and the guide’s partnership with highly trained armed scout means we can enable guests to get close to big game on foot, like the safari hunters of old, but in safety and also without impacting negatively on the wildlife in anyway.

mobile walking safari 1All walking safaris in Zambia are led by an armed wildlife ranger – they’re called Scouts in Zambia; he is followed by the professional safari guide. In other countries walks are often led by one armed scout. The idea of having two fully trained experts at the head of each walk was conceived by Norman and has been tried and tested for decades with an unparalleled safety record and we firmly believe that it is the safest way to conduct a walking safari. The bush is a potentially dangerous place and in an emergency situation – the Scout handles the wildlife potential hazard while the Guide concentrates on guests getting out of any danger zone.” Norman Carr Safaris

Walking Safaris are either Mobile Walking Safaris or walking from Bushcamp to Bushcamp.

When :Peak Safari Season is from around May  to end of October

During the rainy season from November to April, some camps are closed due to accessibility.


North Luangwa
South Luangwa
Kasanka National Park
Liuwa Plains

Where to Stay:

North Luangwa
Chikoko Tree Camp
Crocodile River Camp

South Luangwa
Luwi Bush Camp
Nsolo Bush Camp
Mobile Walking Safari
Luangwa Bush Camping
Track and Trail River Camp

Kasanka National Park
Wasa Lodge

Kafue National Park
Kafue River Camp

Liuwa Plains
Mutemwa Lodge
Liuwa Plain Mobile

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