“An area of unsurpassed beauty” … David Livingstone

Lake Tanganyika is by no means just another African Great Lake or just another inland sea. Nowhere else can one find as large and as deep a lake whose lifespan encompasses so many millions of years of uninterrupted and gradual evolution.  Snorkel and Scuba Dive in this cichlid paradise with an estimated 300 species of which 95% are endemic.

Lake Tanganyika is the largest rift lake in Africa lying in the Western Rift of the Great Rift Valley – 650 km from North to South and over 50km wide. It has the second highest volume of fresh water in the world (after Baikal), is the longest freshwater lake in the world, and at 1400m deep it is the second deepest in the world.

Lake Tanganyika offers a myriad of activites in this untouched part of beautiful Zambia.

  • Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
  • PADI courses offered from beginners to pros
  • Fishing & Watersports
  • Game Viewing & Birding
  • Overnight Excursions
  • Cultural Interactions
  • Lake Safaris

All Year Round
Lake Tanganyika, Nsumbu National Park, Northern Zambia

Where to Stay:
Ndole (7)-Ndole Bay Lodge

Getting There: By Air. Proflight Zambia is offers twice weekly flights from Lusaka and Ndola to Kasama.

The Plane gets to Kasama at 10am on both days. From Kasama airport  we have agreements with local operators in Kasama to offer a return transfer service from Kasama Airport to Mpulungu where we will collect by boat. This option involves a boat transfer from Mpulungu to Ndole Bay (see below). This option will get you to Ndole Bay by 1500hrs. The return journey requires your last night to be spent in Kasama in time for the plane departure at 10.30 back to Ndola/Lusaka. Private charters can also be arranged

By Boat : Ndole Bay Lodge has a reliable fleet of twin engine craft which make lake crossings enjoyable, comfortable and safe. Pick ups are easily arranged for flights into Kasaba Bay.

In Mpulungu, safe parking for vehicles and any trailers is possible with prior arrangement

By Road:

Lusaka/Copperbelt Kapri Mposhi Serenje Kasama Mpulungu. Ndole Bay Lodge (by boat). (Kapiri –Mpulungu 866km). The road is tarred all the way to Mpulungu. Excellent from Lusaka/Copperbelt to Kasama, the last section has some potholes so drive with care.

Lusaka/Copperbelt Kapiri Mposhi Serenje Kasama Mporokoso Ndole/Nsumbu. (Kapiri –Ndole 1069km). Tar road ends just outside Kasama on the Mporokoso side.

Lusaka/Copperbelt Kapiri Mposhi Serenje Mansa Nchelenge Kaputa Nsumbu/Ndole. (Kapiri – Ndole 1160km). Tar Road ends just after Nchelenge.

Lusaka/Copperbelt Kapiri Mposhi Serenje Mansa Mwense Kawambwa Mporokoso Ndole/Nsumbu. (Kapiri – Ndole 1160km). NOTE: Avoid taking the road from Mansa directly to Kawambwa as it is in poor condition. Go via Mwense and Mbereshi (on the way to Nchelenge).

The road from either Mporokoso or Kaputa to Nsumbu township runs through Mutundo gate (National Park Entrance), although fees are not payable here since it is a transit route. This road decends the escarpment with Nsumbu and the lake in view. A few kilometers after the descent and several kilometers before Nsumbu township there is a left hand turn (signposted to Ndole Bay Lodge and Mpende Fisheries). Take this left and continue for several Kilometers through villages. Continue straight passed the fisheries turnoff to the right and go passed the school. The road then continues descending through Ndole village and after a left curve the Lodge beach is visible. Follow the road round and into the lodge.


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