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 Zambia also offers a host of Specialist Safaris including:

  • Photographic
  • Birding
  • Canoeing
  • Mobile

Photographic Safaris

Zambia offers photographic safaris and workshops.  Whether you are an avid photogrpaher with years of experience or perhaps a beginner who has just been introduced into the wonderful world of wildlife photography. The diversity of fauna & flora and culture is a photographers dream destination.

Where: South Luangwa

Where to Stay

Camps listed below may be main camp and then combined with other bushcamps

South Luangwa
Track and Trail River Camp
Nkwali Camp
Kapani Lodge
Kaingo Camp
Mwamba Bushcamp

Lower Zambezi
Chiawa Camp

Cocktails and Birdwatching at the Pool

Birding Safaris

Zambia has been a well kept secret by those who live there and those who visit. However, this is changing rapidly as increasing numbers of birders and ecotourists are discovering this wonderful country. Zambia is safe and very friendly. It is accessible and the infrastructure is reasonable. It still supports huge areas of wilderness and it holds 750 species of bird, many of which are difficult to see anywhere else. Amongst its attractions are the spectacular Victoria Falls and some of the very best game-viewing safaris anywhere in the world. For birders, highlights include endless miombo woodland full of tantalising bird parties, vast wetlands, sweeping grasslands, the most southerly tracts of the great equatorial forests and some remote and challenging mountain wilderness areas.

The European winter (our Green Season; November to April) months are the most exciting for birding safaris in Zambia, all of the migrants are present and many local birds are in full breeding plumage and song. Over 400 species of birds have been recorded in South Luangwa National Park; some of the highlights include Western Banded Snake Eagle, Lillian’s Lovebird, Collared Palm Thrush and the stunning Fire-crowned Bishop in its summer finery.

Where: All lodges in Zambia will be home to a multitude of birds. 
Where to Stay     

South Luangwa
Kapani Lodge
Chinzombo Lodge
Nkwali Camp
Nsefu Camp

Canoe Safaris on the upper zambezi (7)

Canoeing Safari

A Canoe Safari on the Zambezi River, is a thrilling and relaxing way to enjoy the bush, wildlife and birds on the river banks of the great Zambia waterways.

Expect to see hippos, elephant, crocodiles, baboons, buck such as impala, kudu, waterbuck from the comfort of your canoe.

Safaris range from 1-4 nights, with overnight stops at bush camps or similar, or tents along the banks of the river.  Great food and stories around a campfire end of an adventurous day.

Some operators offer ‘participatory’ canoeing trips of any duration. All gear is carried in the canoes and camps are erected on islands in the river along the way. Everyone gets involved in setting up camp and cooking. These trips are obviously cheaper and a touch less comfortable, but the thrill of the wilderness is that much more intense.

Where: Zambezi River

Canoe Safaris: Canoe Safari Options

mobile walking safari 7

Mobile Safari

A mobile safari allows for an exceptional wildlife experience, getting up close and personal, in often the most isolated and remote wilderness in the safety of trained, knowledgeable and experienced guides.

mobile safari is generally a tented camping safari that transfers guests in four wheel drive vehicles from camp to camp.  A mobile walking safari, allows guest to walk from camp to camp.

The level of luxury varies based on your needs, from simple camping to white linen sheets.  Generally, while you are out experiencing the wilds, the crew are setting up camp so that by the time you arrive, everything is set up and ready.

Safaris can be specialist Safaris eg. Kasanka Bats, Wildebeest Migration, or quite simply exploring the National Parks and surrounding areas


Liuwa Plain
South Luangwa
Kasanka National Park

Where to Stay:

Liuwa Plain
Liuwa Plain Mobile Camp

South Luangwa
Luangwa Bush Camping

Multi Destination Options

Mobile Safari Options

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