Luiwa with Robin Pope - Blue Wildebeest at duskAFRICA’S 2ND LARGEST WILDEBEEST MIGRATION


The  2nd largest Wildebeest migration in Africa, second only to the famous Serengeti Migration, takes place in Western Zambia, with more than 40 000 Blue Wildebeest moving from the Liuwa Plains National Park into eastern Angola every year.

The best time to see the wildebeest is late November when the animals have calved and just before the heavy summer rains arrive. Later in the year the wildebeest move into Angola in search of better grazing and return to Zambia in about June.

Luiwa with Robin Pope - WildebeestLiuwa Plains National Park lies west of the upper Zambezi and forms part of a massive floodplain. The National Park covers more 3 600 square kilometres.  A large spotted hyena population is particularly active after the wildebeest have calved and lions have recently been reintroduced although for  years a single lioness maintained a lonely existence in the park. The park is also home to zebra, tsessebe, red lechwe,  oribi and other species.  The region has exceptionally varied birdlife, particularly at the end of the dry season when large numbers of water birds gather in the last remaining water in the pans (ponds and lakes). Large flocks of crowned and Wattled cranes can be seen as well as Spur-winged geese. Martial eagles, western banded snake eagles and other raptors are often encountered.

The Liuwa Plains National Park is one of the oldest protected areas in Africa having being established by a decree issued by the Lozi King Lewanika in the 19th century.  The National Park is unusual because local people are allowed to live in parts of the park and catch fish as well as graze their cattle. The park provides a glimpse of an Africa that existed in a bygone age.


Liuwa Plains National Park

Where to Stay:
Mutemwa Lodge – Western Zambia

Getting There: private charter flights departing from Livingstone in order to reach the park.

Wildebeest migrationWildebeest migrationWildebeest migrationWildebeest migrationWildebeest migration


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